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iGi4Shop Vow Not To Bow Car Safety Supplies W02 Head Up Display

iGi4Shop Vow Not To Bow Car Safety Supplies W02 Head Up Display

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Product information:

Product name: Head up display
Material: ABS
Gram weight: 300g

Product introduction:
1. Automatically adapt to vehicle type, plug and play for vehicle type conforming to OBD II or EUOBD(on-board automatic diagnostic system)
2. Car speed, engine speed, water temperature (voltage/throttle position/ignition advance Angle / 100km acceleration time), instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, range, low fuel supply tips, rest tips, engine failure, and display at the same time
3. Multi-color screen design makes the picture richer and easier to read
4. The use of nanotechnology to eliminate excess reflection, clearer picture.
5. Add mileage measurement
6. Display rich content: Travel speed, engine speed, water temperature and voltage of water tank instantaneous fuel consumption, average oil consumption, mileage measurement, shift reminder fatigue driving reminder, too low voltage alarm water temperature alarm, overspeed alarm, engine failure alarm, free switching of yards and miles to eliminate failure
7. Automatic switch machine, start with the car, shut down with the car, effectively protect the car battery; At the same time, it is more beneficial to control HUD by keeping the manual on-off mode
8. Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, driving is not dazzling

Packing list:

1* head up display
1* non-slip mat
1* Data cable

Product Image:

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