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iGi4Shop Vehicle Battery Tester 12V24V High Accuracy

iGi4Shop Vehicle Battery Tester 12V24V High Accuracy

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Product function description:
[Maximum charging, starting, battery and charging test]: With the Autool BT760 color screen car battery tester, you will be able to check the overall health of the battery and conduct a comprehensive charging test on the system. Identify the good condition or replacement of the battery, and use the recommended solution to quickly detect the common faults of the vehicle starting system and charging system.
[One-touch color screen and data printing]: With the built-in thermal printer, you can get the diagnosis receipt in a few seconds and share it with the customer. The customer only needs to press it once. With its color screen and unique graphic design, it will be easier to view data.
[Wide application and safety]: The test standards include most battery standards in the world, CCA IEC EN DIN JIS, etc. Professional tester with a very wide range and rated value of 100 to 3000 cca. Compatible with cars, motorcycles, trucks, recreational vehicles, mountain bikes, SUVs, boats, yachts, lawn mowers and even golf carts. With reverse polarity protection, the battery and equipment will not be damaged.
[Multilingual support]: 12 languages are available. English, Portuguese, Turkish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Italian and Thai are available. 

Five functional steps of test operation:
1. Connect the 12V battery, connect the red clip to the positive pole, and connect the black clip to the negative pole.
2. Battery test: first select the battery type to be tested, then select the test standard and test range, and then get the results in a few seconds.
3. Start test: After selecting the start test function, start the engine according to the instructions. Test completed.
4. Load test: After entering the load test function, increase the speed to 2500 rpm for 5 seconds according to the prompt, and then press OK. Test completed.
5. Maximum load test: select the maximum load test function, open the car electrical appliance, start the car engine, and then click OK.

Product information:

Model number: BT-760
Color classification: BT-760 Chinese version BT-760 multi-language

Packing list:

Color box * 1
Tester * 1
Clip * 1
Storage bag * 1
Instruction * 1


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