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iGi4Shop Reflective car sticker

iGi4Shop Reflective car sticker

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Style: pattern
Applicable place; body
Color: black, white, red
Material: Reflective PET transparent bottom
Size: 15*7.5cm

[Special note]

Reflection is not self-luminous or luminous! The sticker of the reflective material is darker in natural light, and will become lighter under the reflection of the light source. Such as reflective white, the color under natural light is not pure white, but a little silver and white like Silver Ash. Only when there is a light source in a dark environment will it become dazzling pure white. Reflective sticker is dazzling and can play a warning role, similar to warning sign!


1. Don't wax a week before deciding to dress up your car. Wax will make the sticker not stick firmly. The film should not be pasted when the car is hot. You must wash the car and stick it on the last one.
Weeks not can vehicle cleaning, labeled after recommendations 24 hour within do not insolate; car stickers sticky after three days do not vehicle cleaning, don't in rainy days stickers, such effect will be bad Oh
2. If the sticker needs to be attached to the door seam or other places to be active, don't worry, just cut it with a quick knife.
3, if you really don't want to do it, please go to the local solar film to ask for help.
4, reflective materials are not self-luminous! When the light is illuminated at night, it will reflect the light, which is very dazzling and can play a warning role. Like warning sign!
[How to clear]
Gently scrape the edge of the sticker with your nails and tear it off without leaving marks or hurting the car paint. Winter if the cold can not scrape the corners usable available hair dryer will be laminating film
Properly heated, the glue can be easily removed after being soft.

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