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iGi4Shop Multi-function For Tire Air

iGi4Shop Multi-function For Tire Air

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Inflate P185/R14 from 0-28 PSI in about 2 minutes or less. Plug directly into the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle. Before starting the equipment, start the electric motor and connect the screw-down pneumatic spindle to the tire valve stem.
The automatic closing is fast and accurate. Easy to use. It will automatically close when the required tire pressure is reached. When overloaded, the overheating protection will automatically turn off.
Easy-to-read tire pressure gauge The tire inflator has a high-precision, bright and large display that helps you calculate the value you need. Provide 4 kinds of display units: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG / CM².
LED flashlight This air compressor has a built-in bright and long-lasting LED flashlight, which can be easily operated or quickly repaired in the dark, and ensures that you can be seen in an emergency to avoid any potential hazards during operation.
Multi-purpose portable car tire air pump with 10-foot power cord and inflation adapter (additional 3 nozzles), very suitable for cars, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, CRV, jeeps, SUVs, motorcycles, bicycles, inflatable boats, sports Balls, air cushions, water games and other inflatable products.

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