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iGi4Shop Mini Auto Car Air Cleaner

iGi4Shop Mini Auto Car Air Cleaner

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Product Introduction:
Product name:Air purifier for car
Product number:CP-013
Rated voltage:DC-12V/AC220V
Input power:<4W
Appearance material:ABS
Product Size:160×95×55mm
Product weight:160g
Applicable area:10m^2
Anion concentration:3×10^6Pcs/CM^3
Amount of Ozone:8MG/H
Main Feature:
1. Generate negative ions and active oxygen, remove variety of odors effectively,  improve the quality of air inside the car thoroughly, so that the air inside it becomes fresh and pleasant.
2. No motor and fan, the use of electronic ion breeze technology, silent circulation of fresh air.
3. Built-plate electrostatic precipitator, adsorption tiny particles and irritants in the air.
4. Using the mini design,  placed anywhere in the car dashboard freely, do not take up space, and do not block the driver's line of sight
5. Power is only 4W, insert the plug into the cigarette lighter socket to work.


1. Automobile

The temperature and humidity in car is suitable for bacterial multiplication. The unpleasant smell from air condition and the smell of leather are likely to cause chest distress, nausea and dizziness. They do harm to people's health and threaten people's safety when driving.

Air purifier can rapidly decompose harmful substance in car, absorb and kill various bacteria in air, collect and subside the dust in air, remove unpleasant odors, smoke and fog, keep the driver clearheaded . Dispel the fatigue, prevent occupational diseases, prevent cross infection. It a mate of your health whiling enjoying fun of driving.

2. Office

In the airtight office rooms with air conditions, the air can't circulate effectively, utilizing the dust-collecting function of the air purifiercan clean the air, remove the unpleasant odors, prevent and cure complication of the air conditioner,


  Ion Output:   3×106 pcs/cm3
  Ozone Output:   0.1 mg/m3
  Electrical:   DC12V, 4W
  Coverage Area:   Up to 110-sq ft (10 sqm)
  Case:   Plastic
  Accessories optional:   AC110V or AC220V to 12V DC Adaptor
  Dimension (LxWxH):   6.3" x 3.7" x 2.2" (160x 95 x55 mm)
  Net Weight:   0.5-lb (0.23 kg)




Direction for use:

1. Put the air purifier on driving platform or appropriate place in office room or in a living room.

2. Plug one end of the special power line into air purifier's power jack, plug the other end into cigarette sockkets ( if in a room please plug power adapter into power socket).

3. Turn on the power, the machine begin to work. when you don't use please turn off,

4. When the pilot lamp on, the machine is working.


Packaging Details:

Air purifier*1
Car Power*1

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