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iGi4Shop Door welcome light

iGi4Shop Door welcome light

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  • Features:

    1. No need to change the circuit, just remove the original car lights, no need to buy wiring harness, no need to decode! Just replace this lamp.
    2. After replacing the original door lights, our products include the original car lights, laser lights, the original car's original flavor!
    3. The latest generation of dedicated pictures can be changed at will, the old models can not be replaced, and the old models are universal.
    product description:
    This product is a new type of green light source for vehicles,
    The whole lamp has no pollution, no noise, no electronic interference, due to the use of German advanced constant current control
    Manufacturing technology, uniform light emission
    Working voltage: 12V~24V
    Output power rate: 5W, full light color, long-lasting constant Product parameters:

    Working environment temperature: -40℃~105℃
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