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iGi4Shop Car modification Intake manifold

iGi4Shop Car modification Intake manifold

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Suitable for 06-11 Honda Civic (Si)
For 04-08 Acura TSX (Base)
The vehicle compatibility table is for reference only. Check your vehicle to meet your needs.

Ideal for turbocharging and naturally aspirated applications.
The 72mm throttle body opening can match up to 76mm ports.
Only compatible with '06 -'11 Civic Si K series engines.


After 100% quality assurance test, the response speed is faster, the price is lower, and the installation is easier.
Improved airflow, enhanced Venturi effect and mid- and high-end power gain.
The new cast aluminum intake manifold of Honda K series engines can be directly matched with all '06 -'11 Civic Si engines due to its unique design and throttle body flange, and can be used with OEM throttle bodies and those up to 76mm
This design combines a flow channel similar in length to RBC but with larger holes, a special tapered design, and a larger tapered air chamber. These air chambers together retain the medium power, but increase and accelerate the airflow to provide significant The high-end power harvest.
Material and color:

Material: made of high-quality aluminum
Color: silver black

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