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iGi4Shop Car headlight repair tool

iGi4Shop Car headlight repair tool

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Drying time: 3 minutes
Impact resistance: strong
Humidity and heat resistance: strong
Color classification: aluminum box suit
1. Check the damage. Common symptoms are: fine lines, cracks, yellowing, oxidation, blur, peeling, scratches and other symptoms.
2. Please keep it in a clean, dry, and windless environment. Before polishing, please apply a protective film around the bulb, and polish the bulb cover with sandpaper until there is no light. Please use 180#, 240#, 360#, 600#, 800#, 1200# use water to clean and cross polish from small to large, thoroughly polish, do not ignore the scope, avoid rework, clean with water after polishing and dry with a towel.
3. Add liquid (not included) in the atomization cup (the unused coating liquid can be recycled, and more liquid can be added accordingly), heat it into vapor, turn on the headlights, and pull it out after atomization Power out, expose to the sun, wipe the water on the headlights, and then recover the coating liquid.

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