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iGi4Shop Car Door Edge Protector

iGi4Shop Car Door Edge Protector

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Style: Europe and America
Material: Rubber
Type: Door side
Size: 5 m / set (mm)
Applicable models: General
Color Classification : Black Gray White Transparent Blue Red


100% new high quality
Suitable for most door seals, providing excellent sealing and sound insulation.
High-quality rubber material, with good waterproof and dustproof function, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless
Excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance for long-term use
Project Type: Door Seal
Material: ethylene propylene rubber
Function: sealed, soundproof
Application: Door
Features: waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant
Size: 5 meters (long)
Bar: "U" shape

Installation length recommendations:

Car: The length of the vertical installation of a 4-door door is 5m;

      A car 4 door vertical side + bottom horizontal side installation length of 8m;

      A car 4 door vertical side + bottom horizontal side + trunk bottom side installation length is 13m;

Off-road vehicle SUV: one car 4-door installation length is 5m;

           The length of a car 4 door + trunk installation is 8m;

           The length of a car 4 door + trunk + hood installation is 10m;

Sealing is an important indicator of vehicle quality, u-shaped seal,
Very good for getting the full environmental package.
Widely used in the car before and after windscreen, door, window, launch cabinet, body and other body parts.
To fill the gap between body parts,
Shock, water, dust, noise, decoration and other functions,
And it plays the role of vehicle maintenance.
Corrosion resistance, anti-aging,
High and low temperature + 80 ℃ ~ -45 maz does not flow, will not deformation, not fragile crack, long service life.
Waterproof, dustproof, noise, heat, vibration, anti-wear and decorative effect to ensure the car inside and outside
All kinds of doors, windows and so on. Applies to, simple and convenient, very practical.
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Installation steps

Comes with double-sided adhesive, can be directly bonded (paste surface should be smooth, clean, smooth, dry)



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 Damage From Well Protected .    

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