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iGi4Shop Car air pump

iGi4Shop Car air pump

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Work Voltage:DC12 V

Maximum Work Current:10A

Maximum Pressure:150PSI

Air Flow:45L/min

Power Cord Length:280cm

Continuous Work Time:12min

Dimensions: 23.5 * 15.5 * 9CM


1.Start the vehicle engine.

2.Plug the power cable into vehicle 12V cigarette lighter.

3.Plug the inflatable nozzle on tire air valve, once you hear leak noise quickly

   press the fixed level down to lock it in place

4.Press the "R" button to select unit and "-""+" button to set target pressure value.

   Wait for 3 seconds, The LED display value stops flashing, that set OK. the start button.

6.The compressor will stop at the pre-set pressure value.


1 * portable digital display inflatable pump

1 * Metal nozzle needle
1 * Red nozzle needle
1 * Blue nozzle needle

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