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iGi4Shop Automotive Supplies Coating Agent Liquid Spray

iGi4Shop Automotive Supplies Coating Agent Liquid Spray

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Product Description
1. Form a Coating To Make It Look Like a New Gloss. After Coating, a Coating Is Formed To Restore The Paint To Its Factory State.
2. Dust, Dirt And Other Stains Are Easy To Adhere To The Paint Surface, Which Will Make The Paint Surface Dirty. Now, It Has a Lotus Leaf Effect After Coating, Which Can Improve The Self-Cleaning And Hydrophobicity Of The Coating Surface.
3. Improve Hardness, Reduce Scratches, Form a Protective Layer After Coating, Reduce Or Avoid Scratches Caused By External Forces, And Reduce Paint Damage.
4. High Temperature Resistance, No Burn Marks, Can Effectively Resist Oxidation And Discoloration Caused By High Temperature After Painting, And Make The Paint More Shiny.
5. 100% New Brand And Quality.

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