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iGi4Shop Anti-Moist Waterproof Side Mirror Sticker

iGi4Shop Anti-Moist Waterproof Side Mirror Sticker

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1.Advantages: This is an innovation that can solve the problem that you can't clearly see the double glasses in the rainy days, so that your vision is clearer and the travel is safer.
2.Effect: It can protect your driving sight on rainy days.
3.It is a universal size exterior mirror. You can freely cut into pieces as needed.
4.Waterproof, anti-fog and dustproof effect is good.
5.Nano hydrophilic technology.
2* Rearview mirror waterproof film
Mirror film size:

Round size: 95mm, 98mm(blue/white)    

Oval size: 135*98mm,145*100mm,150*100mm(blue/white) 


Side window film size : 200*150mm/200*175mm(blue), 200*150mm/200*170mm(white)

Front window film size : 240*200mm(blue)

Oval+Naked set film size(containing the mirror and side window films)

W-135*98mm+200*170mm(white), 145*100mm+200*170mm(white),

B-135*98mm+200*170mm(blue), 145*100mm+200*170mm(blue) ,150*100mm+200*170mm(blue)

Oval+Side set film size 145*100mm+200*150mm(white),  145*100mm+200*150mm(blue)

Whole set film size(containing the mirror, side window and front window films): 

135*98mm+200*170mm(white)+240*200mm(blue), 145*100mm(white)+200*170mm+240*200mm(blue)

blue-135*98mm+200*170mm+240*200mm, 145*100mm+200*170mm+240*200mm, 150*100mm+200*170mm+240*200mm  

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